Wine, Sex and iPhone Logos, It Doesn't Get Much Better Than This!

So this posting is about creating iPhone apps but actually it's an excuse for me to archive this picture for eternity. Being a wine connoisseur I just have to!

It started when my programmer friend and I began laughing hysterically when we saw this image on Tech Crunch. Sure enough, many others saw the Freudian image contained therein, and in fact, the longer you look at it, the naughtier it becomes.

Anyway, I intend to create an iPhone app for NetLingo and so after doing some research, here are a few items of interest to keep in mind. Enjoy!

Experienced iPhone app developers tell me it’s tempting to think that developing a UI for an iPhone is like developing a UI for a computer. But it isn’t. iPhone UI design is much less forgiving than for Mac or Windows. Fortunately, Apple has provided us with a consistant user interface, which we can draw off of and use in our own native apps.

The attention to detail is so important when developing for the iPhone. For example, ever notice the "Back" buttons found in almost every app don't actually say "Back", but instead the title of the previous screen? And what about when it's sliding in and out of screens, the buttons drift away seamlessly? Sure, they could of made them just fade, but they made them drift... The result makes sense to your brain. All just simple things that make using an iPhone so enjoyable and easy.

I'm taking suggestions as to NetLingo iPhone applications, let me hear your thoughts!