2009 Promises to be a Year Full of Tech Updates

Hi all, and Happy New Year 2009!

This is the official NetLingo blog, used primarily to track updates to the website and developments within the industry. I've been running NetLingo.com since 1995 and I am continually amazed at the degree and rate in which technology continues to evolve! There's always going to be the need for someone like me to explain it all to you and your loved ones, in layman's terms. For instance, can you believe I still get at least one new acronym/text message shorthand submission every single day.

This month we'll be launching a new PHP site and wow, is it going to rock. The Lexicon Builder will not only be fixed, but there's a wiki component that will allow you to add and edit other people's suggestions ;-) We're also fixing the RSS and the Toolbar, as well as adding new widgets and ebooks. I'll publish a post once we go live!