Are you a Freelancer? You're in Good Company Now!

"Laptop nomads" are getting a little less lonely according to Ilana DeBare the San Francisco Chronicle. A movement known as "co-working" gives independent types an alternative to working at home or camping out in cafes. In co-working, a group of freelancers or other solo entrepreneurs shares one big office space with perks that they might not get at home, such as conference rooms espresso machines, and opportunities for socializing. Co-workers can either drop in or rent a dedicated area in spaces ranging from funky industrial lofts to sleeker sites with a more corporate ambiance.

I love it! In Manhattan, for example, In Good Company Workplaces caters to female entrepreneurs, according to to Marci Alboher in The New York Times. The company's menu of offerings reads like a gym membership with an annual fee and various options based on how many hours of desk and meeting-room time the entrepreneur wants to rent each month. A basic membership is $300 a year, though there are extra fees for renting desk space or conference rooms. The idea makes sense according to Nell Merlino (founder of Count Me In, a nonprofit in which Erin of NetLingo is a member), as long as it's not an excuse to socialize. The focus has got to be about growth for your businesses. Check out NetLingo for definitions of these terms and a link to In Good Company Workplaces.