Tuned In or Tuned Out? There's a Time and Place for Texting

A friend was telling me how he longs for the day when he'd see a woman sitting at a restaurant table, alone with her coffee or cocktail, and she'd be at peace, looking around, smiling and enjoying it. Nowadays you rarely see that, instead, she is sitting there with her drink and looking down at her Blackberry texting. She's unapproachable at that point he said, and whatever peaceful, beautiful aura she may have had, is gone. I agreed with him and explained it's going to get even worse. The younger generation is ushering in a new age of digital addictions. Teens with cell phones average 2,272 text messages a month and social scientists are left wondering what will this generation learn and what will they lose in the relentless stream of sentence fragments, abbreviations and emoticons? =:-0 Addicted or not, hard-core texters find it difficult to be "in the moment" with other people because they are constantly being summoned by someone else in another place. There is a cost when people multitask -- "a kind of a mental brownout." Although it's too early to tell the effects of prolific texting -- on attention span, social life, writing ability, family connections -- questions abound, even as many experts point to clear benefits. In the meantime ladies and gentlemen, put your phones down and look around, life is passing you by! -As seen in The Washington Post, read the full article here...