Power Texting: There's a Time and a Place

Sending short text messages from mobile phones have become arguably the most popular method of instant communications among teenagers and young adults. That was established in fall 2007, when Nielsen reported not only that the average mobile customer placed 357 text messages and only 204 phone calls in the second quarter of 2008. More incredibly, mobile users aged 13 to 17 placed 1,742 text messages a month and those 18 to 24 sent 790 a month.

But is power texting in everyone's best interest? While most people agree it is rude to text while eating (also known as "under the table messaging") because you're being antisocial when you're supposed to be social, did you know there's now a law about not texting when in a restroom?

I agree with journalist Tom Steinert-Threlkeld that the only rule that really matters when it comes to power texting is NO TEXTING WHILE DRIVING. He believes we'll soon logically be at a point where there will be laws in every state where you can't hold or touch a communications device of any kind while driving. This is because with driving while texting, the public safety at stake. If someone wants to waste message units on power texting or use the bathroom while sexting (eww), then so be it.

Just remember power texting is here and it looks like it's here to stay. A modern variation on the old slogan brings it home... let your fingers do the talking.