Lessons from the Online Dating Front

Dating can be bumpy. Everyone agrees that unless you met your partner organically and had chemistry from the start, you've got a series of hurdles to jump. Add the online element to the mix and it's a whole new sport.

Looking for love in the online world often seems like uncharted territory. Where else can you potentially find your soul mate but feel like you're shopping for shoes at the same time? The fact is technology enables us to interact with so many more people than we normally would, its flat out changing the game.

Based on stories by men and women from the front line, here are the Pros and Cons for Navigating Love Online...

* You can meet people you normally might not meet, anywhere in the world.
* You can see what people look like and who they're looking for.
* You can meet more people at a quicker pace.
* You can get fundamental information up front (if they're being honest).
* You can look around and search profiles whenever you want.
* Anyone can contact anyone else at anytime.

* Some people like to keep it only online and never meet in person.
* Some people misrepresent themselves and/or lie.
* Some people are just trying it out or looking for a hookup.
* There's so many people, it can feel overwhelming.
* It can be a major time suck, preventing you from getting out in the real world.
* You never know what you're going to get when you first meet in person.

Online dating may be a good way to cast a wide net but just remember that in the end, it all comes down to chemistry, timing, and having the same intention in order for it to really click!

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Nevertheless, online dating is still one of the most exciting things that technology has created

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