How to Clean Up Your Online Image

You would never let your front porch or storefront become dilapidated. You would never hand out a crumpled resume or business card. And you would never show up to an big meeting with mismatched socks a stain on your shirt. These days, maintaining your digital footprint can be just as important. So how do you go about cleaning up your online image? Here's how:

1. Assess the damage. Now there's a reason to spend hours Googling yourself or better yet, to plug your name into, which digs up harder-to-find info. You can tackle minor stains yourself but if there's a lot to bury, hire a pro like or

2. Start cleaning. Scour your Twitter, Facebook, and other social networking accounts and delete and dodgy photos or comments you've posted. If necessary, close down questionable accounts.

3. Push the positives. Blogs rank high in Google's algorithms so consider starting a blog about your interests. If you don't have time to post regularly, start a personal Web site instead, using a template from or To find free, comprehensive advice on building a positive online presence, check out
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