The Top 25 Online Ads Everybody Should Know

Online advertising has morphed into so many features and sizes, should online advertisers still consider measuring it in traditional marketing methods? Take a minute to brush up on your basic online ad lingo and then you tell me, what is the next step in online advertising measurement!?

An online advertisement (or Internet ad, or Web ad, or mobile ad, etc.), is a form of online advertising that is generally in the form of a graphic (or ad banner or text link) that takes a user to a Web site (or landing page) when it's clicked on. Other forms of online advertising include SEM and NFM.

Here are the Top 25 Basic Online Ads Everybody Should Know by Now:

  1. ad banner
  2. beyond-the-banner
  3. button
  4. contextual-based advertising
  5. CPC
  6. directory advertising
  7. house ad
  8. floater
  9. hyperstitial
  10. integrated sponsorship
  11. interstitial
  12. location-based advertising
  13. pop-under ad
  14. pop-up ad
  15. pre-roll
  16. post-roll
  17. mid-roll
  18. skyscraper
  19. social ads
  20. sponsorship
  21. superstitial
  22. text ad
  23. transactional ad
  24. trick ad
  25. ad overlay

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