The 99% Movement: Discover what Occupy Wall Street is all about

As a resident of New York City, I'm frequently asked about the Occupy Wall Street movement. In short, I think it's fabulous that people are speaking out, about anything. The fact that this demonstration grew out of the financial crisis is modern movement for sure, but it's not just about money. It's about inequality, like the billion dollar start-up valuations I covered in my last blog. And it's not about hate, it's a revolution of love. So if you still don't know what the 99% are protesting, read the quote below and then read this amazing PDF "Occupy Wall Street: No Demand is Big Enough."

“Inequality creates a lopsided economy, which leaves the rich with so much money that they can binge on speculation, and leaves the middle class without enough money to buy the things they think they deserve, which leads them to borrow and go into debt. These were among the long-term causes of the financial crisis and the Great Recession. Inequality hardens society into a class system. Inequality divides us from one another in schools, in neighborhoods, at work, on airplanes, in hospitals, in what we eat, in the condition of our bodies, in what we think, in our children’s futures, in how we die. Inequality saps the will to conceive of ambitious solutions to large collective problems, because those problems no longer seem very collective. Inequality undermines democracy." - George Packer in Foreign Affairs

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Anonymous said...
4:09 PM  

Okay, it's hard to know where to respond with a thoroughly un-thought-out comment like this...

Because the rich "binge" on buying things, the middle class "want to do so, also" -- so? Why? If all your friends jumped off a cliff, would you jump too, so you all could be "equal"? Well, equally foolish?

Yes, there are a number of egregious actions performed by Wall Street "fat cats". They're also performed by politicians, too -- where's the "Occupy the Voting Booth" movement?

And what's with the repetitive chanting that we get to see in all the videos (even videos that purport to "support" or "help" this "movement")? Using children as shields is not "involving them in social events", it's child abuse -- using them for adult's needs, rather than looking at the child's needs. It's perverse, literally. Do they actually think it does anything productive? (It reveals them as shameful idiots, which admittedly is fairly useful).

The best part about having video records on the internet is that everyone can actually see and "experience" it, and make up their own minds about it.

Whining about things ("he's richer than I am, that's not fair", "she's taller than I am, that's not fair", "they can act like idiots, and I can't afford to do as many stupid, dangerous, irresponsible things, just like they do -- it's not fair!")

What about math? 2+2=4, right? What about 2+3? Doesn't it get to equal four, also? Why? It's "not fair".


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