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Reebok Checklight

This skullcap “appears to work quite well” in performing its purpose: It monitors impacts to the head and indicates with a blinking yellow or red light if an athlete sustains a moderate or severe blow.

Nod Gesture Control Ring

“Make a phone call, change TV channels, and more” by simply waving your hand. This Bluetooth-enabled ring communicates with multiple devices and is scheduled to ship sometime in the fall.
$149, hellonod​.com
Source: Consumer Reports

Tory Burch Fitbit Bracelet

Fitness trackers just went “from plain to pretty.” This fall, Tory Burch is releasing three bracelets designed to be used with a Fitbit monitor (sold separately). The delicate solid brass band is a “standout.”

Narrative Clip

This tiny device, which clips onto a shirt pocket, takes a 5-megapixel photograph every 30 seconds. It’s billed as a way to create photo diaries and pairs with software to help users search the results.
$279 per year,

Sensoria Socks

An anklet worn with this sock mates with sensors in the fabric to monitor a runner’s technique and cadence while also measuring distance traveled. Four pairs are included in each package.
Source: Wall Street Journal

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